Why Traders Fail to Make Money in Forex

After analyzing the statistical data in Forex market, it is seen, around 90% of traders fail to survive. But, this doesn’t mean, no one gets success in this industry. Traders face failure because they can’t use the right techniques to win the trade. Some of them do not use a good plan and fail to face the winning streak. But, being a trader, you can turn your losing streak into a winning streak.

To avoid failure, traders need to make a list of reasons behind this so that they can find out the emulsions. We also make a catalyst of the reasons and these are described here.

Failing to cope up

For harvesting the good fortune, traders need to cope up with the situation of the market. To do this, as a trader, you need to have good knowledge and experience. But, some newcomers think, they can easily adjust to the market without taking any preparation which is not possible at all. On the other hand, some newbies do not want to adjust to the market. They do not pay heed to the movement of the market and carry out their trading process according to their wish. As a consequence, they lose their capital and after a few times, they leave the market. To get success, you have to become flexible which will aid you to adapt to the market.

Not gaining knowledge

Fundamental and technical knowledge is important for traders. But, many traders ignore the fundamental analysis and give their total focus on the technical analysis. However, only technical knowledge can’t help you to get the expected outcomes. You have to know the fundamental analysis to predict the upcoming scenarios. Because, in this industry, you have to make your decision depending on your own speculation. If you make the wrong prediction, you might face big trouble. To gain knowledge, you can also visit the official website of the best commodity broker. For instance, you can read professional articles at Saxo and enhance your skills. Thus you will become more confident and the trading process will be much smoother.


Overtrading is the big reason behind losing a big amount of money. Traders think, overtrading will help them to increase their income but it increases their cost. Along with this, overtrading provides huge pressure to the trader and they start to make mistakes because of the pressure. Sometimes, they become depressed and thus make errors. To avoid this problem, as a trader, you need to decide how many trades you will do in a single day and mention it in your plan. After that, you have to stick to your plan, otherwise, you might start overtrading again.

Emotional trading

Because of the emotions, traders lose huge money. Some of them start revenge trading to get back the losing amount. However, by doing this, they lose more money and become fail to reach the target. Due to emotions, many traders try to control the market. As a consequence, they face the troubleshoot situation and can’t handle this properly. Ultimately, they get bad outcomes. So, traders need to limit their emotional factors to make a practical decision. Remember, if your mind is stable, you can make the right decision in a tough situation. So, you should try to keep your mind stable by taking the necessary measures. For example, you can read some books to refresh the mind.

Failing to protect the capital

If you take the wrong steps in trading, you can’t protect your capital. Without securing your capital, it would be tough for you to trade properly. Traders must try to start trading with high capital so that they do not feel hesitant to take the risk. But, you also need to save your capital for staying in the market.

By knowing about these reasons, you should try to avoid doing these. But, if you take these reasons lightly, you will face big trouble in the trading field.