Trade with the Most Secure & Regulated Broker –

There are many broker that you will get in the financial markets. And being a trader or investor, you should not go blindly behind any broker. You should always research and do an in-depth study of the financial market and always choose the right kind of broker. Because it is the broker only that provides a good trading platform to its customers, who can help them to earn profits or suffer losses. So, it is always important to choose the correct broker who is regulated under some authority and is a legit one. One such secure broker whom you can ever find is the 101investing broker.

Brief About 101investing –

This broker 101investing is regulated in Cyprus. One of the best parts about this broker is its features. Let’s have a look at them. It offers more than 45 pairs in the forex. Plus, it also offers more than 400 CFDs on precious metals, indices, and shares, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. For customers, it offers 4 account types. And when it comes to leverage, it offers the best leverage for professional traders which is 1:500. It also has a Meta Trader4 platform for its traders and investors, so that they can perform all their trading smoothly and easily. Now, let’s look in detail about 101investing broker and why they are the best ones in the financial market.

Regulatory Authorities –

It is a CySEC regulated broker i.e. Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. It is also given the right to function and operate throughout the European Union. You must be thinking whether 101investing broker are legit or not? Well, the answer is yes it is legit because it is regulated by CySEC and also has the support of the Financial Conduct Authority and ASIC. And the regulatory need which is levied by the CySEC follows the broader concepts of regularization which is established by the ESMA i.e. European Securities and Market Authority.

Regulatory Authority Rules –

According to the rules established by these authorities, the broker is supposed to keep the funds of the traders in segregated accounts. This method of keeping the funds segregated provides traders with protection from creditors and also protects their funds from a negative balance. The 101investing broker are also supposed to report all the trading transactions to the regulatory body. They will also have to permit external audits. Along with which they will also have to maintain a balance that is no less than 730,000 EUR as a functional fund, with which they will have to guarantee to make all the payments towards their customer’s i.e. the traders and the investors.

Investors Compensation Funds –

There is also an Investors Compensation Fund, which ensures that incase if the broker becomes insolvent then compensation of around 20,000 EUR shall be paid towards the investor or trader as the case may be. 101investing broker is being functioned by FXBFI and you can also check their license online. Many people also wonder whether they can make money with 101investing. And the answer is that it totally depends on your skill and now that you have chosen 101investing, you should know that it works the best as they are regulated broker with many rules which they follow.

Leverages & Islamic Account –

Leverage is offered on all CFDs and forex pairs, and this will permit you to put capital only in a part of your investment. 101investing broker will allow you to simply start trading with 100 USD and this is in conformity with the good practices in the financial market. And especially for Muslim traders, they provide a swap-free & Islamic account. Islamic account is meant for the Muslim community people or traders. This is mainly made because the sharia law forbids any Muslim from giving and receiving and interest. So, no interest is accrued on them. This feature has a higher spread with commissions which are mostly low.

Account Types –

You can start up with the silver account, and simply sign up with the account for just 100 USD, along with which the 101investing broker also offer other types of accounts like gold, platinum, and pro exclusive. And till now their minimum deposit requirement is not known. For professional traders, the leverage which is offered by 101investing is as high as 1:500. But for others, the leverage is simply 1:30 as per the requirements in the European Union. So, it is a benefit for the professional traders. For retail traders, the leverage is 1:30.

Spreads and MT4 –

After opening a silver account, the spread will begin at 2,2pips. In the premium account, the spread starts at 1, 3 pips. And in the platinum account, it has 0,7 pips. It also offers Meta Trader 4 for the web version as well as the download. It consists of free and huge library trading tools, market indicators. The traders can also create their own trading bots known as expert advisors which includes market indicators also. And the payment methods which are available are bank wire transfer, Neteller and Skrill, and debit and credit cards.