Trade on the user-friendly platform of STR capital

Nowadays people like to do trading but sometimes they want professional assistance. STR capital is a broker that lets the traders trade CFDs on their platform. The platform of STR capital is very user friendly. The traders get successful with the help of the assistance by STR capital so they provide the expanding asset selection, personal assistance, and 5 Star supports. STR capital is a trusted broker that provides safety to the funds of clients. There are high standards of security that ensure the clients that all their personal information is safe.

Dedicated support

The dedicated support is provided to the customers whenever they have any issues. Sometimes, the traders have issues with their accounts or any other problem, and then this can be solved by the customer support provided by STR capital. The support is provided so that the clients do not have any issues while trading. With this, the traders can work properly and they can earn profits with their investments. If you have any questions about your account, a high-level support team is always ready to help.

A prompt reply to all calls and letters will be provided to clients. The quickest solution is provided to the customers so that all their issues can be identified. Any issues that traders have concerning their accounts can be overcome quickly. All the clients are provided with the resources they require. The best thing is that you can trade on any device you want. The data is safe with high-level security.

Account types

There are various types of trading accounts available and provided by STR capital so that the clients can enjoy the trading experience. This is best for them in both the terms – Risk and Potential benefit. Different types of trading accounts are opened by STR capital like basic account, silver account, gold account, diamond account, platinum account, and millionaire club. All these accounts have different features and variations. The trading alerts are provided in all the accounts. The loyalty bonus is different in all the account types. The insurance level is also different in these accounts, so you can choose your account accordingly. The trader must choose the account which suits them the best and they can trade with those accounts.

Whenever you open a trading account with STR capital, you need to provide some of the important documents. These are given as follows:

  • Bank statement proof – It is very important to give this document so as to verify that the account information which is provided by you matches with the bank account information. STR capital makes sure that the address and name provided by you are the same as on the bank statement. It is very important to have this information if you want to make a wire transfer from your bank account.
  • Scanned copies of debit/credit cards – STR capital must be provided with the pictures of scanned copies of your debit or credit cards that you are using. It is made sure that the data provided by you on the website is the same as the card is used by you. If the card is with you then there should not be any issue in sending a picture to STR capital through email or you can upload on the website.

A lot of people try to hack the information so they may have your credit card number, even CVV and they just do not have the physical card so that is why the picture of the physical card is also important to ensure that the card is with you. By this STR capital makes sure that the data with them is of the same person who is entering data.

  • Scanned pictures of Utility Bills – with the utility bills, STR capital make sure that the address provided by you on the website is correct. This is really important to verify that the information provided is yours. A lot of people may know your address like your friends and relatives and anyone can use your address to sign up. But they will surely not have access to your utility bills, so STR capital needs to have the scanned pictures of utility bills.
  • Id information – the information on the personal identification number should also be submitted. It can be your license, passport, or any other ID from the government. The pictures of these documents should also be submitted because STR capital wants to verify as anyone can be using your information.

The trading becomes very easy even for the beginners as they get professional assistance. The beginners can learn more about trading.They earn more profits with the help of the trading tools and lessons provided you. STR capital provides the user-friendly platform and the traders can trade without facing any issue.