Midas WMS : The perfect trading brokerage

A monthly salary is not a luxury anymore but a necessity to survive. People who want to conquer their life in terms of finance will have to make other means of income other than their monthly income. This is when trading and investment comes into the context. Online trading has made trading trustworthy, easy, and yet sufficient to make a living out of it. Online trading involves a lot of research and technical knowledge; however, a brokerage could make the whole process hassle-free and enjoyable. Midas WMS is one such online trading platform which enables its users to trade efficiently and make a profit out of it.

MidasWMS is not any random brokerage which promises to provide the investor with a billion dollars. It is a properly regulated and licensed firm which allows the customers to trade CFDs and other financial activities. Midas WMS is very trustworthy as it is established by its parent company, Digital C Media, and is situated in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines.

Features and Services provided by Midas WMS:

Supreme Trading Platforms:

For any trade to be successful, the most important thing to keep in the notice is the trading platform. An improper lousy platform could be lethal and lose all the invested money. Midas WMS uses Meta Trader 4, Web Trader, and Mobile Trader. All of these are highly reputed, reliable and the most important aspect of all, it is easily accessible and navigable.

Demo Accounts and Live accounts:

For a beginner, the world of trade could be confusing, scary, and enticing. How could a person make efficient trades if one cannot understand the basics of it? Midas WMS has taken this problem into consideration and in order to provide a solution for it they have created the facility of demo and live accounts. The demo account has the actual demographics of the actual trading account. However, the company provides the user with a dummy card which will enable them to use and understand the working of it. This enables the investor to understand the practical working of a trading account and the details of it.

Different accounts to accommodate user requirements:

Investing is a personal choice and it varies from person to person. Then how come a single account with common features be used by every person. Midas WMS has come up with four different accounts namely Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Midas Partners.

The Gold account is the basic type of account which is designed for basic beginner trades. It has a base price of $10,000 to open this account. The Diamond account is for the intermediate trade that is for people who are acquainted with the basic trading knowledge and experience. It holds a base price of $25,000 deposition. The Platinum account is for the well-experienced traders who are well acquainted with the trade and the conceits of it. The minimum deposited for a platinum account is $50,000. The final and most advanced type of account is the Midas partners. It allows VIP and Professional traders with a lot of benefits. It has a minimum deposit of $100,000. This is best suitable for all the investing gurus who are ready to play big investing games.


When there is a lot of money involved, the risk is also a lot. Risk and money are directly proportional to each other. MidasWMS keeps this in mind and makes sure that all the accounts, websites, and transactions are well encrypted and protracted. Cyber-attacks have become very common and it is crucial to be highly aware and encrypted to keep your money safe and secured. Midas WMS uses 256 – bit SSL encryption across the website to avoid any kind of fraud. The broker applies Anti – Money Laundering (AML) to avoid all illegal activities. The company also has implemented the Know Your Customer (KNC) policy which checks and verifies every trader. With this facility, it is 100% guaranteed they all the investment is legit and there are no loopholes present in it.

User Convenience

Trading companies require very specific payment methods which are highly complex. However, Midas WMS has made sure to put their customer’s convince ever everything and offers many payment portals. They have options like VISA/Maestro cards, Safe charge, and other options which are commonly used and known. This will make sure that the investor does not make any transactional errors and ensures the investors with an actual road map of where their money goes.

Making their customers knowledgeable

Trading is a broad world with a lot of minor concepts. Midas WMS not just provides the user with proper trading but gives them a lot of educational materials which will acquaint them worth proper trading knowledge. They provide an economic calendar, market news updates, market trends, latest analysis, webinars, and one class to educate their customer and resolve any doubts in regards to online trade.