Active Brokerz: The simplest platform for Trading

The idea and desire for becoming rich have never faded. People are increasingly interested in investment and trade, however many are clueless about the procedure and process. Active Brokerz is a trusted brokerage firm. Active Brokerz is not just a trading platform but also an educating platform which educates about trading knowledge. The firm is well experienced in trading commodities like forex, commodities, CFDs, stocks, and other investment mediums.

Before all the details on how the system operates, it is necessary for the investor to completely understand the working method and the process. This will provide the investor with a clear picture of what and where they are investing. This is what Active Brokerz is trying to accomplish. They do not provide flash results but instead reliable and educative investing procedures.

How to Start Trading with Active Brokerz?

The common struggle is always in the beginning. Investors are confused about the market, the fluctuating trends, stock gimmicks, and other factors. This is where Active Brockerz has introduced three different account types. They differ on the basis of the amount of money that is to be invested. The three types are beginner, advanced, and expert. Apart from this, they also have an active team of experts who are readily available to help out at the point of trade. This makes the service and relations much smoother and reliable.

Once the available sources and methods are clear, the actual process is pretty simple and straight forward. The investor must first sign in and provide valid data. Then, after confirmation and validation of the provided information, the investor must select the plan in which he or she is interested in. After selecting the plan, the remaining steps are just to fund the account and to start trading.


What are the three different investment plans?

Firstly, not all people will belong in the same niche to trade. Some will be willing to spend all their money on trade while others want to try the process out first. This is why Active Brokerz provides three different plans.

The first plan is for beginners. This is to introduce first time traders to the world of trading. When we look at the plethora of options available, it could be mind-boggling. Thus, beginner plan activates when the user locks in € 250 in their wallet. With this, the investor could start his or her journey of trading.

The second plan is for the advanced. People who have a little experience in the arena of trading could opt for the advanced option. It holds all of the options as for the beginner, but apart from that advanced plan provides three-month free access to expert advisors. The minimum deposit required is € 5000.

The third plan is for the experts. As the name suggests, it is for the fully equipped traders who understand the nook and corner of trading. This holds in all the benefits of the above-mentioned plans but apart from that, it allows lifetime access to live trade rooms, webinars, and expert advice among other benefits. The minimum amount to be deposited is € 20,000.


Trading Platforms and their importance:

Trade takes place on the platform, therefore the profit or loss is based on the legibility of the platform. Active Brokerz avail the user with the latest and most competent platforms which will increase the chances of having an ultra-successful trade.

Active Brokerz uses Meta Trader 4. It is one of the highly reliable and used trading platforms across the world. It was created in 2005 and since then, it has been a rigid platform for forex, stocks, and other trading options. Meta Trader 4 is currently used by more than 750 brokerages, with an array of 30 language availabilities, more than 30 technical indicators, and 23 efficient trading tools. Therefore, it is an advanced and trusted platform for your investing journey.

Educational resources:

Active Brokerz provides a set of valuable resources that condense yet accurately present the valid data points to the investors. The reason why it does this is to educate the investors and empower them with actual trading knowledge. They provide resources like technical calendars, Forex EBooks, online webinars, and many more.

Active Brokerz: Legit and reliable.

Active Brokerz is a secure, reliable, and legit source of investment. They prioritize the security of the deposited fund more than anything. The fear of cyber crime is valid, however Active Brokerz implements the latest security like 256 piece SSL to make their deposits and transactions very secured protected.


Active Brokerz is a reliable, trustworthy, and legit means of online investment. They provide valid insights, educational materials, and cater to every customer by customizing plans as per their needs. Active Brokerz is the perfect investing medium if you are looking towards a safe and secure investment plan.