4 tips to finding the best Forex broker

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world. More than $4.5 trillion is traded in the largest financial market. It’s also free from external manipulation. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you can become a millionaire just by becoming an active trader. Those who are trading the Forex market in Hong Kong for a long period of time know how hard this business is. In fact, more than 96% of retail investors are losing money.

To become successful at trading, the first thing which you need to do is to find a great broker. Though this might sound a very easy task but it’s a really tough job for the new traders. However, we are going to give you four amazing tips which will help you find the best broker easily.

Regulations and transparency

Regulations play a crucial role when it comes to the selection of the broker. The brokers who are willing to serve the retail traders must have strong regulations. In fact, opening a trading account with them will be hard since they will ask for documents. Unlike low-end brokers, they will never make false promises about making money. They will have transparent service and this will make you confident with their service. If you are not sure, take look at the broker Saxo and you will understand why they are trusted by thousands of traders across the globe. So, make sure you chose the broker who has a good track record and the necessary regulations in place.

Account overview

Before you start trading the market with a well-regulated broker, make sure you look at the features of the account. Do they offer a premium trading platform to analyze the market? How much should you deposit in the first run should also be considered? Though the new traders will not understand many features offered by the high-end brokers but comparing some of the reliable brokers will make things easier. Never invest a huge amount of money without knowing the limitations and the benefits of a trading account. This is very important and your profit factors greatly depend upon it.

Deposit and withdrawal method

This might the most important thing you need to focus on. A good, reliable broker must have multiple payment processing systems. If you trade with the low-end brokers, it won’t take much time to lose the entire investment. In fact, withdrawing the profit will be very hard. So, find a broker like Saxo who offers their service as per their statement. Never rely on low-end brokers even though they will offer a deposit bonus. There is no way you can become rich by using the deposit bonus. Learn to trade the market and you will never have to worry about such features.

Customer service

A great broker always provides an excellent service to its customers. Before you open a trading account with a new broker, make sure you contact the customer service department. In fact, you can open a demo account and test out different features. Ask the customer service team about their offered service and see how they cooperate. If things go well, you are good to go. Make sure you are not investing a big amount of money before making a couple of withdrawal. In the online world, finding a reliable broker like Saxo is very hard. So do the hard work and try to find the best broker according to your needs.


By now you know the key steps to analyzing the broker. If you are still confused, feel free to seek help from the trained professionals. Join the social trading network site and see what the traders have to say about a specific broker. But never start to trade the market with a broker without doing the proper research.